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What to Expect from Liz Daley, Wedding Planner and Wedding DJ in Virginia.

Virginia Weddings

What to Expect from Liz Daley

Are we a Good Match? As you begin your search for a wedding planner and event producer, it’s always important to know who you will be dealing with on a personal level. So this article is to talk about what to expect from Liz Daley, me. Welcome to your Personalized Wedding.It’s You.  It’s Real. It’s […]

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Williamsburg Lodge Weddings-First Dance with special choreography

Music, Virginia Weddings

Williamsburg Lodge Weddings

Meg and Scott celebrate at The Lodge!!!! Williamsburg Lodge Weddings are as hometown as one can get, and for local couple Meg & Scott, who decided to celebrate their marriage in the heart of the historic area, it was the perfect setting!  And of course, they had the best local Wedding DJ ever, Liz Daley!!!! Megan […]

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Wedding DJs at Dover Hall in Richmond VA

Virginia Weddings

Dover Hall Weddings in Richmond VA

Amazing Richmond Videographers I absolutely loved working with We Are The Mitchells during Nick and Nora’s celebration at Dover Hall in Richmond Virginia.  They were so pleasant and easy-going and their skill is amazing!!!  If you’re thinking about videography for your wedding, DO IT!!!!  You won’t regret it!!! If you’re looking for Richmond Wedding DJs, check out this […]

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last minute wedding dj saves the day

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Last Minute DJ Saves the Day

I have a love/hate relationship with being the last minute wedding DJ saves the day person. I love being able to help people, but I hate that someone out there is giving the wedding DJ industry a bad name As a business owner, incoming phone calls are always potential business and I am always thrilled […]

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