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Williamsburg Weddings are truly unique, as they are classic, elegant and always lots of fun!  Liz Daley Events is the company to call if you are looking for the best Wedding Planner to make your wedding day everything you’ve ever imagined and more.  Liz Daley Events also offers the best DJs for Williamsburg Weddings and in fact, for all over Virginia.
Liz Daley will work with you and make planning your big day just as much fun as your actual wedding day!

Exceptional customer service is standard operating procedure…and most importantly….with Liz Daley by your side…you will have an amazing wedding celebration that will be well-planned, fun and totally stress-free.

Proudly serving Williamsburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia,  Washington, DC and all Destination Locations.

Personalized Experience

Your Wedding will be FUN and Totally YOU.

Dedication to Details

Your Wedding will be Well-Planned & Executed.

Williamsburg Weddings: Questions & Answers:  

Wedding Planning & Wedding DJs: What Kind of Clients Do You Like to Work With?

I like to work with very smart, very strong and very creative types! I find it helpful if they’ve actually seen really BAD Wedding DJs, because then they come to the table knowing they want something superior than the status quo accepted when people think about hiring Wedding DJs.  My ideal client has a very strong vision and isn’t shy about sharing what they want.

Wedding Planning & Wedding DJs:  How Does the Planning Process Work?

Many clients begin the creative process six to nine months prior to their wedding…others wait until three months or less. I’m pretty flexible and can accommodate your schedule. The most important thing is your “comfort” level. I want you to be relaxed and stress-free throughout the entire planning process (and on your wedding day).

There is a whole lot to take care of, and if you tried to do everything at once…you would get overwhelmed very quickly.

Therefore…I will give you homework assignments and we will work through a detailed checklist together to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Think about it like this…your wedding is a mind-blowing calculus equation…I am your tutor. I will make it fun and easy.

(However…actual math is obnoxious to me…so I can’t help you with that…)

I Just Want Simple…Can You Do That?

I promise to create the wedding that is right for you.

I will include all the things you want, while excluding all the things that you DO NOT want.

Wedding Planning & Wedding DJs:  How Much?

The short answer…you’re probably going spend more on Wedding DJs than you thought you were going to spend.  Then again, you also probably never thought you would spend $1,000 for a platter of fruit and cheese either.

Yes, everyone is concerned about budget.  I was too.  (That’s why I eloped)

Every single one of my Williamsburg Weddings clients who has searched for Wedding Planning and Wedding DJs has been concerned about budget. Who wouldn’t be?  They just made planning and entertainment a priority, and after all was said and done, they were thrilled with that decision. My clients have told me, time and again,  the value they received for my services far exceeded their financial expenditure.

So…pardon my directness...(#sorrynotsorry) if you’re looking for Wedding DJs, and think you  just need “music”…I’m probably not the right person for you. Plug in your iPhone and have a blast, there are some great Apps to help you with that. Additionally, if you are looking for the cheapest wedding djs available in Virginia, I’m still probably not your girl.  If you have high expectations and want a talented, skilled and passionate entertainer….then we should talk.

Williamsburg Weddings

If you require a kick-ass wedding DJ and wedding planner?  Call me!  Seriously!  757-566-4530.

If you want to have an amazing party, with nothing left to chance…invest in my services and I personally guarantee an amazing wedding reception. #LizRocks  (And Yes I Just Referred to Myself in the Third Person….)

Call Me…Let’s Meet. (and I mean everybody…fiancé, Mom, Dad, Future In-Laws….everybody)

 We’ll talk about what you and your families are looking for, and then…after you tell me all the good stuff, I will put together a personalized proposal for you to consider.  Then you can take as much time as you like to decide.

No Strings.  No Obligations. Really.

I promise you will walk away from our meeting better equipped to make all your spending decisions.

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Our Wedding was THE BEST PARTY we have EVER been to!!!!!  I have to thank Liz Daley, our DJ, so much for an OUTSTANDING job-everything went smoothly AND I never expected to see that many people on the dance floor! My new husband and I highly recommend Liz Daley if you’re looking for the ultimate party! Laura & Leo | Williamsburg Inn

Our choice of Liz Daley was probably one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. From the beginning, Liz was remarkable. Brynn-Carol (Mother of the Bride) | Two Rivers Country Club

Our Wedding was nearly perfect, and a lot of that perfection was due to Liz Daley.   Jenn & Mike | Northern VA

Liz was so much more than a DJ during the entire process-she was the one that really helped make the whole wedding go smoothly.
It was PERFECT” Sarah & Adam | Williamsburg Winery

If you love music, love to dance, or want a DJ that knows what she’s doing BEYOND playing music, book Liz.  She can also help you PLAN your wedding or COORDINATE your wedding.  She’s truly an all-inclusive package that is SO worth the money. You won’t regret it.  I promise.

Tara & Andrew | Glen Allen, Virginia

 “Kudos to Liz for helping to make our reception an event everyone will remember and talk about for many years to come!” Sarah & Kurt | Ford's Colony | Williamsburg VA

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Thank you so much for not only the work that you put in on our wedding day, but for the sense of comfort you provided throughout the entire planning process. I cannot tell you how much calmer and excited TIm and I were after each meeting with you.  You were so wonderful at really listening to our ideas for the wedding (and helping us to think of other personal touches) and the atmosphere we wanted our guests to feel while there, and then did a fantastic job at making it happen!!!! I do not think anything abut our wedding could’ve been more perfect!  We had so many compliments on your work and how much the guests enjoyed you and your wonderful personality interacting with them throughout the event. Thank you so much for making our day even more than we imagined!! Amy & Tim | Alumni House | The College of William and Mary