Pricing Overview for Weddings

Congratulations!  As your begin your search for wedding DJs and pricing for wedding entertainment, I wanted to share with you these ball park figures that will help you determine your entertainment budget.

Simple Elegance

Simple DJ Services begin at $1,295 for a four hour reception
This package is best for those who want a great party but don’t have a big budget.

Personalized & Playful

Personalized DJ & Entertainment Services begin at $2,850
This is my most popular package. It is best for those who want something much more personalized than the “typical” wedding DJ service.  It is intimate and fun and carefully designed to include every guest so that they feel a part of the love.  Couples who choose this package also want to add their own creative touches to the party.  And finally, this package is best for those who know what they want, but just  need a little guidance to make the planning and the celebration go smoothly. 

The Best Wedding Reception… Ever!

All-Inclusive Entertainment, Lighting and Full Service Coordination Services begin at $7,500
This package is best for those who want all the fun, all the bells and whistles plus someone to help you plan and coordinate your day so that everything flows smoothly, and you and your significant other experience the wedding of your dreams!

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