Who am I?

First, I am an intuitive creative artist who is extremely detail oriented.

As a business owner I listen, take lots of notes and promise deliverables as close to perfect as possible for a mere mortal.

As a Human.... I cry during the opening sequence of "Up".
Every. Single. Time.

I sing silly made-up songs and dance in the kitchen with my husband and two kitties. 

I love Broadway Musicals!!!!!

I love margaritas, chips and salsa!

Definitely "Star Trek" 

I love to play Texas Hold-em!  

I've got a BIG PERSONALITY and an even bigger HEART.

I'm a big mushy, sentimental sap who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Finally...I'm a crazy culmination of all my life experience.  I'm part Wedding Planner, part DJ, part Master of Ceremonies, part Performer, part Producer, part Designer, part Therapist, part Bartender, etc., etc.

Everything little thing I am is WHY my clients trust me and tell me that I bring an event to life and that their party was amazing because of me.

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Williamsburg wedding planners

I believe in results, so you can Celebrate being in Love

Liz Daley Events exists to help you celebrate your love, actually enjoy the planning process, and confidently know that your wedding celebration will be the best day ever!
I've helped clients...

Get Creative with their wedding entertainment.

Organize their big day and help them find the best wedding professionals that fit their personalities and their budgets.

Receive compliment after compliment for the rest of their lives.

Plan, develop, and simplify the whole wedding process  so you won't go crazy.

Have a Wedding Celebration that is truly amazing and one that friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

I believe in results. And I'm ready to get them for you so you can focus on being in love.

wedding celebrations designed for those who break the mold.

I love curating the perfect soundtrack for my couples.

i love filling the dance floor and making people happy.

I love to make people laugh.  

I love to spotlight and honor the bridal party.

i love making your guests feel included in the celebration!

I love happy tears.

i love creating surprises.

i love creating memories.

these are a few
of my favorite


ready for your dream wedding?

let's start with some numbers...

yes! I'm ready!








A Different Kind of Wedding Experience