People should know how valuable they are, and that value is best celebrated when others say it out loud. We are here to celebrate YOU.

Reality Check:  A monkey can push play on an iPod and drunk people will dance. That's not rocket science. However, it takes talent and  skill to get a conservative crowd crossing multiple generations up and having fun. (again...without the cheese)
It takes experience to make everything flow smoothly without any hiccups. 

Planning a wedding can feel completely overwhelming.  Let us help you get rid of all the noise. We will make it SIMPLE. We will make it FUN!  We will make it MEMORABLE.  In your heart you just want a great party with your closest friends and family and this is what we do.  Let us tell YOUR STORY the right way, without the cheese. Our mission during the planning process  is to get to know you, so your personalities can shine through. 

The master of ceremonies, the Person you hire to be on the microphone ultimately determines the success of your celebration.

Redefining the modern wedding

we believe in creating tons of wonderful moments, celebrating you and your love.

we believe in gently roasting the wedding party

we believe in making every single wedding unique to each couple.

We meet and totally bond.
We become BFF's immediately.
We start crafting the perfect agenda of events.
We talk about fun and creative ideas we can add to your special day so we can spotlight your closest friends and family.
We create the perfect script and score for your own personal romantic comedy reality show.
We laugh.  We cry. We giggle. We plot to take over the world.
Everything starts to get real.  Your might freak out.  I will give you wine. All will be OK.
Your Wedding Day is Amazing and all your friends and family will tell you that YOU ARE BRILLIANT!
We're friends for life

What to Expect as we Design Your Day...

If you are ready for your wedding to be off the charts, reach out and check our availability and if we are open, let's meet and see if we are a good match.

Create amazing memories with your cherished loved ones.

We find dancing is an expression of our intimate connection, a vibrant picture of our souls in sync and a moment in time where no one else exists.

From Concept to Curtain Call, we've got you covered!  Celebrate Life!

best party ever!

plan for success


Envisioning and creating every moment